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Strong Pennsylvania Roots

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Shelby Labs

She’s One of Us

“Being born and raised in Plumsteadville, I have a deep understanding of our shared community values and where our priorities lie.”

– Shelby Labs

Rooted in Our Community

Shelby’s family has more than 200 years of history in Plumstead, running small businesses and farms, volunteering, and serving the people of Central and Upper Bucks County.

Protecting Our Environment & Quality of Life

Growing up here, Shelby understands first-hand the importance of protecting our quality of life and preserving the natural beauty that makes our home so unique.

Shelby Labs on the Issues

As our State Representative, Shelby is committed to …

  • Holding the Line on Taxes
  • Bringing Fiscally Responsible Leadership to Harrisburg
  • Defending our Quality of Life
  • Protecting our Environment & Preserving Critical Open Space
  • Working to Improve our Healthcare System
  • Guaranteeing a Quality Education for our Families
  • Representing Us with the Dignity we Expect from our Elected Officials
  • Supporting our Small Businesses
  • Standing Up for our Veterans & Active Duty Servicemen and women